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New things in store AND reduced prices!!!

OH MY GOODNESS! I have been busy for you guys today! LOTS of new things in the store! Be sure to scroll through many pages because NO JOKE there is a LOTTTT of new stuff! And some reduced prices on what you have seen before!
TONS of iPhone cases, a new general design on a few in honor of WinesDay [“Why have a glass when you can have a bottle”], a scarf, new vodka slouchy sweatshirt design, some sweats, mugs and water bottles!!

Winter is approaching, it’s time to warm up in some cute new SGP apparel!!!
When checking things out, please note that many come in a variety of colors so be sure to click on the product and see what other colors are available aside from the thumbnail pictured!

Shop til you DROP ladies!!!
Or start bookmarking things for your Christmas Wishlist!

ALSO!!!! There is a great SPECIAL going on October 22-27 as well! All hoodies 15% off with coupon code HOODSOFF so OF COURSE I had to design some hooded options for you!!!
They are adorable!

AND OH! I FINALLY have my hashtag as a design as well! Simple and to the point, you KNOW you need one of the many new products that features it!

I hope you guys like the new products! I am ALWAYS open to suggestions! Any tweets or catch phrases you especially love and would love to see reprinted onto apparel or accessories, please let me know! If you’d like to see more of a certain design on different items than it already is, TELL ME! I am here to make you all happy! What would I do without all of your love and support!?!? Send any suggestions to or leave me a comment here! [Tweeting them to me as @ replies isnt the best way because they can get lost in the mass amount of replies I receive.]

As ALWAYS, if you order, PLEASE email me a picture wearing your cute new item and I will soon feature a blog post of them! It always makes my day to know someone is out there rocking a shirt asking people for vodka!

Hope all is well for you!

Ive included some pictures of a few of the new things to give you a taste of it! Now go to the store and see for yourself all of the new products!!!

Cheers and Happy Winesday!
Keep mingling, everyone!



Hilarious break up texts. I am SO ok reading this. #singlegirlproblems

Welcome back to single girl status bitches.



Exclusive interview with YourTango!


Read my exclusive interview with the ever popular relationship, dating, and love advice site YourTango. You may enjoy my quick quips, tweets, and pictures but, now you can REALLY learn a bit more about the woman behind the mystery!

Should you call him???

Find out here!


Hey guys! So, I have added some new merch inspired by some of my twitter followers last night!

What may you ask have I added???
*”MY CAT IS MY BEST FRIEND” slouchy sweatshirt, flowy tank, or tee available in a variety of colors!
*SINGLE Booty Shorts!
*Single to Mingle Hoodies AND tees!
*Updated Vodka tees!
*A mug for your morning coffee or tea!
*A cute tee shirt for your cat or dog in tons of colors printed in black or white! “MY MOM IS SINGLE”
*TOTES! GREAT for back to school!
A black one with a cute pink cat head!
A cute tote back available in either creme or black with my new 1st ever logo!

Happy shopping!
Hope you like them!!!


Failing to mingle,


Tell all dudes you know these training tips to get an Olympian bod for all of women kind. #Singlegirlproblems – ad